Phuket, Thailand: TOP 10 Things To See And Do 2023 (FREE Guide) 👉 https://olgapronkina.com/travel/phuket-thailand-top-10-things-to-do/ What did we study Phuket, Thailand after a complete month on the island? How to keep away from wet season, how costly it’s, methods to lease a motorbike? WATCH NEXT: Is Thailand BETTER than Vietnam in 2023? 👉 https://youtu.be/kcgTW_W6uUE
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We are Olga and Rene. After spending 1 yr in Turkey we are actually touring in search of our without end residence. Next 6 months we’ll discover SE Asia. Subscribe to search out out what modified right here within the final 2 years! We will evaluate international locations like Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines to how they had been earlier than 2020 and now in 2023. Prices, value of dwelling, our each day life as foreigners.

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Things to know earlier than you go to Phuket, Thailand (2023)
00:00 When is the perfect time to return to Phuket, Thailand / Is wet season that dangerous?
01:06 Where to remain on Phuket, Thailand, the place is the perfect seashore?
04:20 Prices on Phuket, Thailand
06:40 Public Transport and Taxi on Phuket, Thailand
07:54 Shopping Malls and Local Markets on Phuket, Thailand
09:24 Best boat excursions on Phuket, Thailand
10:45 National holidays – enjoyable to rejoice with the locals
11:38 How to lease a motorbike on Phuket, costs, what to be careful for.


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