Warning signs your hotel room is hiding two-way mirrors

Warning signs your hotel room is hiding two-way mirrors


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Holidaymakers are being urged to familiarise themselves with tell-tale signs of two-way mirrors in inns and B&Bs. The specialists at MeandMyGlass.co.uk have shared 5 assessments that can reveal if a mirror is two-ways. Those heading away in the course of the Spring and staying in B&Bs are being inspired to verify for two-way mirrors upon arriving. Glass and mirror specialists are encouraging holidaymakers to make use of the fingernail check to see if a mirror is two-way or not. Other strategies embody tapping the glass for a hole noise and shining a flashlight onto the floor.

John Cutts, founding father of MeandMyGlass.co.uk, mentioned: “The thought of someone using a mirror to spy on guests is disturbing, to say the least. “The good news is there are multiple ways you can check for a two-way mirror when staying in a hotel, motel or B&B.“The most common method is the fingernail test but you should also try shining a flashlight onto the mirror. On a normal mirror, the light should bounce back in the reflection, if the mirror is two-way you’ll be able to see straight through.”

Here are seven methods to determine two-way mirrors:

  1. The fingernail check

Place your fingernail onto the mirror, if there is no hole in between your finger and its reflection, it might point out a two-way mirror. On a daily mirror, there will likely be a niche between your fingernail and its reflection.

  1. The faucet check

Noise is an enormous think about figuring out whether or not a mirror is two-way. Give the glass a faucet round all 4 corners and within the centre. If it makes a hole sound, there’s a excessive risk there’s one thing on the opposite facet. 

  1. Use a cellphone flashlight

When you stand and face a mirror, shine a flashlight on the glass and see if the sunshine displays again at you. If it doesn’t bounce again, then the sunshine will shine via on a two-way mirror to disclose what’s behind the glass.

  1. Look on the set up

 If the mirror is hanging then it is most unlikely it is a two-way mirror. Two-way mirrors are typically a part of and set into the wall versus simply hanging on it. 

  1. Closely verify the reflection

Place your face towards the mirror with your palms beside your head, blocking out any mild. If the mirror is two-way, you could possibly see straight via.





The put up Warning signs your hotel room is hiding two-way mirrors appeared first on Brand TD.

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